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New Act Prohibiting Use of Mercury in Gold Mining Areas to be Referred to Parliament Sudan

New Act Prohibiting Use of Mercury in Gold Mining Areas to be Referred to Parliament 

31-05-2014   Sudan Vision Daily, Sudan

Khartoum - The Ministry of Minerals announced that a specialized committee is considering the health and environment risks resulting from use of mercury at the traditional gold mining areas in Sudan different states has concluded its works and recommended issuing an act draft that is ready to be referred to the parliament for approval.

It is to mention that the Traditional Mining Conference that was organized by the Ministry of Minerals has recommended using the means for gold extraction far away from use of mercury.

The Director of the Traditional Mining Administration at the Ministry of Minerals, Brigadier Mustafa Ibrahim denied at the TV Program "Al-Mahata Al-Wosta), broadcast by Ashorooq Channel Tuesday that the Ministry has signed an international convention banning use of mercury, adding that "We've a view in the convention that aims for further making equations that uses mercury in many industries and for further internal arrangement.

An official report pointed to the dangerous use of mercury at the traditional mining areas, saying that the use of this substance threatens the lives of thousands of miners and endanger them to the deadly risk environmentally and health wise.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Traditional Mining Union at Abu Hamad, Mubarak Abbas pointed out that the state recognizes the traditional mining as an activity, but it didn't rationalize it.

He explained that mining is providing good work opportunities for youths, adding that Abu Hamad only has over 25,0000 miners and 8,0000 wells for gold exploration and they had warned before on the dangerous use of mercury via a number of memos for the state official bodies including the Presidency of Republic.

In the same regard, the Director of Abu Hamad Hospital, Dr. Farouk Medani, has drawn a bleak image to the main hospital that received gold miners in Abu Hamad, revealing cases being received by the hospital and suffering from diseases that were caused by use of mercury collapse of wells.

He said that by inhalation of mercury for a long time will affect miners at the gold mining areas and cause cancer and kidney failure and other serious diseases.

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